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Creative Ways to Memorialize Loved ones

Published: March 24, 2021
by Clifford-Shoemaker Funeral Home

REMEMBERING a loved one is a very personal act, reflecting who they were in a way that best suits their character.

And while a traditional headstone at a grave serves well, today people are finding great comfort in a wide range of creative memorials. If you are trying to find the best way to remember your departed loved one, here are some ideas to help you find just the perfect memorial.

A pocket charm – a small physical item you can carry round with you, like a talisman, that will prompt you to remember them every time you touch it. 

Make a playlist – all their favorite songs in one list, each prompting happy memories of times and events in their life.  Plant a tree – ideal for someone who loved nature, enjoyed hiking, or tended their garden, a tree will continue the life they left behind. 

Write their story – commit their life to paper, put down in words the times you spent together. If you are not a great wordsmith, never fear – there are writers out there who can do this for you by simply having a conversation with you.

Get a tattoo – maybe their name, with their dates of birth and of passing, or of a favorite sports team you shared.  Build a cairn – a cairn is a pile of rocks, often built as navigational aids or on top of geographical highpoints, but increasingly used as a memorial and easily done in your own garden.

Scrapbook -either physical or online, create a lasting memorial with photos, ticket stubs from concerts or travel – a great place to compile the odds and ends of their life in one place.

Bury a time capsule – gather items and objects that symbolize the departed, from their hobbies and interests for example, and bury it – maybe with a date in the future to reopen that is significant to them such as a milestone birthday.

Dinner – invite close friends to a dinner party featuring all the person’s favorite foods and dishes. This can easily become an annual tradition.

Make a quilt – gather the person’s favorite T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts – especially any with school or sports teams on them – and have them turned into a memorial quilt.

Do a bucket list item – is there something your loved one always wanted to do but did not get chance? Complete it for them.

Donate – give a gift in their name too a favorite charity or good cause, or even set up a scholarship or bursary in their name to help others through the years.


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